Privacy Policy

Vdirect.me has to store user data in order to provide services to users. The type of data stored and how the data is processed, is described below. Vdirect.me reserves the right to modify the privacy policy at any time, without informing the users.

User data

Vdirect.me stores user identifiable information that is provided by the user during registration. This data is necessary for basic functionality of the services, such as user authentication. The data stored during registration includes:
  • E-mail address, username, password, the web client internet protocol (IP) address.

The user may choose to provide data after the registration process, after the user has been authenticated. For example: by providing a new e-mail address and/or password.

Whenever the user visits the Vdirect.me website, user's IP address, browser type and version, time and date of visit and the operating system (OS) type are stored in a log. This is default behaviour for services that provide web content. This data is stored for several purposes, for example for troubleshooting purposes to resolve errors and to identify and block any kind of abuse on Vdirect.me server(s).

The data provided by the user during (and after) registration may be stored by Vdirect.me indefinately. The data stored in log files of Vdirect.me server(s) during user visits, may be stored indefinately, but can also be deleted by Vdirect.me after some amount of time. This depends on: the amount of errors and/or abuse cases. Vdirect.me does not disclose user identifiable information with other third-parties for their commercial or marketing use without your consent.

Vdirect.me may release user identifiable information and/or other user information if required to do so by law, or to respond to a court order, subpoena, or search warrant. Vdirect.me also reserves the right to disclose user identifiable information and/or user information information to enforce our Terms of Service, take precautions against liability, to investigate and defend ourself against any third-party claims or allegations, to protect the security or integrity of our website, and to protect the rights or personal safety of Vdirect.me, our users or others.


When a user visits the Vdirect.me website, a session cookie file is placed on the user's computer. The session cookie file contains a string of alphanumeric characters. This string is used to identify the user for authentication purposes. The user can delete this session cookie file by either: closing the browser, or by deleting the cookie manually in the browser's settings.

Vdirect.me also uses persistent cookies. Persistent cookies are files stored on the user's computer when the user visits the Vdirect.me website. These cookies are used to identify the user, in order to provide a better user experience. Depending on the user's browser settings, these persistent cookies may or may not be deleted when the user closes the browser. However, the user can delete the persistent cookies manually, in the browser's settings.

Vdirect.me also makes use of third-party cookies. These cookies are placed on the website visitor's computer by a third party, not Vdirect.me. The third party is typically an advertisement network and/or various vendors. These cookies are used to serve advertisements based on the user's prior visits to the vdirect.me website, or to other websites. The user can block (not accept) third-party cookies in the web browser settings. Also, it is possible to visit this website to learn more about rejecting (opt-out) various cookies.

The user can configure the web browser to refuse all cookies, in the web browser's settings. However, some features of the Vdirect.me website may not function properly if the ability to accept cookies is disabled.